Trends in digital marketing

The Digital Marketing arena is a very competitive and volatile landscape that will deliver huge returns if done right. Making the content and ads as interactive as possible is the key to getting customers hooked to our brands. Here are some of the trends:

  • Predictive content tools are becoming more and more popular and are expected to take a giant leap forward
  • Content remarketing works as a reminder to the customers sending them back to our site and initiating a buy.
  • Omnichannel advertising gives users a unified cross-channel experience. Brands use and share their customers’ experiences as content on platforms such as Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Meerkat etc.
  • Storytelling(more human centric content) through videos is a growing trendthese days as these stories tend to resonate more with the customers more than the conventional ads.
  • Search beyond the search engines is definitely going to be the next big thing with social networks providing expanded search capabilities enabling the social content to be indexed by google.
  • Adwords’ Identity-Based Pay-Per- Click Marketing helps to target people with specific ads based on their phone number or email and therefore get our brand noticed by a much targeted audience.
  • Facebook’s lead ads allow users to easily sign up for content including newsletters, contests and deals on mobile and desktop.
  • Brands have been trying to incorporate live video streaming into their digital marketing efforts which would allow  the consumers to be a part of a brand experience.
  • Creating teasers for upcoming products or services with photos or videos that only exist for a few seconds on snapchat can definitely be an upcoming trend.
  • Through developer partners like Ampush, Brand Networks, 4C, Kenshoo etc., Instagram has recently been offering paid advertising opportunities which are not yet available to everyone, but will soon be available to all advertisers. Brands will be able to target a specific person based on their interest with an animated cinematic pin on Pinterest on mobile and desktop.

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