Digital promotions- 5 star

RAMESH & SURESH. Who hasn’t heard their names! From the time they first featured in the ad for 5 Star, they have been as famous as the chocolate itself, if not more. They seem to perfectly portray two absent-minded, carefree men who go into a different world after eating 5 Star and altogether forget what they are supposed to be doing.

5 Star has come up with a new ad. The duo is at it again and they have taken their day dreaming to a whole new level. It is running online these days on various social media like YouTube, Facebook etc. and it is one of those ads you don’t want to skip.

It starts with Ramesh and Suresh walking on a promenade and one of them has their shoelace untied (say Ramesh; you really can’t distinguish!). So they sit on a bench with Ramesh sitting next to a creepy stranger (Mr. X). On the bench beside them are two young ladies, chatting, and one of them has her hand bag on the bench.

Now the 5 Star opens and after a couple of bites Ramesh bends down to tie the shoelaces. Meanwhile Mr. X has his eyes on the lady’s handbag. He quickly grabs it and runs away, but trips after just 2 paces. This is where you realize what actually happened. Ramesh tied his shoelace with those of Mr. X’s shoes. The ladies are impressed with Ramesh’s ‘presence of mind’ and one, while laughing thinks, ‘That was a bit different!”

The ad then reveals the new 5 Star, with extra caramel. The tag line has also been tweaked a bit; now it is “Khaaye aur Extra Kho Jaaye”. I feel that 5 Star has very cleverly incorporated the extra caramel into Ramesh and Suresh’s antics and once again delivered an ad that the viewers are going to love. Have a look.


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