Digital Marketing in tourism industry

I climbed up to 3,500 metres to Dayara Bugyal with my best pals (who are planning to write on similar lines on their blogs :P). Then I went for a Rajasthan trip. I had the time of my life but all this while I remained offline most of the times and struggled to find good places to hangout with friends. Luckily, I knew some tricks. It made me wonder whether digital marketing is at all useful for someone who stays offline most of times, let’s say a traveler. The answer, as you might have guessed, is YES.

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The biggest problem that tourists face when travelling is lack of information about the area. They are unaware of the events that are happening around them, all the cool places to hangout at, promotions that are going on and awesome deals. The tourists stay for very short duration at one location and hence for them time is valuable. The businesses that are positively visible reap all the benefits.

Here are 4 must-dos to get your business more visible to travelers digitally:

  • Review apps: Tripadvisor, Makemytrip and other reviewing websites are like bible for the travelers they trust them more than any other thing. It is important for a business to maintain good rating on these apps.
  • Location SEO: For a tourist time is money, they use limited internet connection to search for nearest restaurants, bars, events etc. It is therefore very important to list your business on SE sites and also to get good ratings there.
  • SEM : Search engine marketing can be used to target keywords that are specific to your area. A place like Udaipur is famous for its tours. A lot of search engine traffic can be extracted by targeting these keywords through paid advertisement. These can be very effective during tourist season
  • SMO: Social media such as Facebook have recently launched their own internal search engines(Graphsearch in facebook). One can list their business on facebook or create page for events. This is another place where tourists can be acquired. Although, this is not very famous in India. It is nicely poised to become a major force.

This video illustrates the same idea in a more interesting way. It is an app called iLandguide:

by Devank Kumar


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