How Digital Marketing(Social Media) is changing the Sports Industry?

Digital Marketing has changed the way Sports is being consumed, packaged and sold to customer throughout the world. It has created a new platform for sporting events, activities, brands, players, etc to promoted themselves across the world and get engaged with the customer. Digital marketing encompasses modern marketing techniques mostly done online by brands, companies or agencies to promote products and services. Examples of some of the works they do are Social Media Page Creation, Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click Management, Branding, Content Marketing, Video Marketing, App Creation, As for the sports industry the lists gets wider  day by day. If we look form the Performance point of View we can find Events, activities clubs, team, athletes as well as sporting professional such as psychologists, physiotherapists, nutritionist, etc. There are also businesses and retailers who use digital marketing to promote their brands and increase sales of products .Most sports teams, athletes, players events are now getting online to engage with large number of people. Merchandize producers, retailers and big brands are too having online presence and trying their level best to woo customers to buy their products.

Social Media Marketing has revolutionized the sports industry. Twitter and Facebook and Instagram are the most preferred platform where most clubs and there have tried to engage with their fans and have tried to reach out to more number of people globally. The teams have used this platform to harness branding as well as engagement with fans to make the online experience all the more rewarding. They post data related live match updates, practice sessions run various contents and other promotional activities so that they continuously engage with the user and can spread their brand name globally.

For the average sports fan, affording expensive tickets to see an event is often extremely challenging, both in financial and often geographical terms. What social media does is bridge the ever increasing gap between the expense of live fandom and the free exposure of social media. In effect, this has created a new form of fandom, one which takes advantage of the new digital age.

Borussia Dortmund is one of the most successful football clubs in Germany and Europe. The club has a good fan base in Germany but limited presence globally. They have harnessed these platforms to reach out to millions of fans globally but also created a unique brand image of their own. Borussia Dortmund currently has 14.3 million and 2.38 million likes on their Facebook and Twitter page respectively.


Even though they started their Facebook page in 2007, it was in 2011 that the club known around the world as BVB, really started to take social media seriously. David Georges and his team at the Borussia Dortmund business office works hard throughout the day to create good content for to be posted in social media websites. According to Georges it was after 2011 they decided to thin k about social media seriously and decided to focus on promoting their club.

 Since then, the club has put a particular style into their interactions, with a quirky and informal feel to most posts. Unlike the competition, the tone BVB use is one you would normally associate with fans, rather than a strict PR department.

 According to Georges Dortmund is having a different approach all together when it comes to promoting their brand name. The clubs marketing strategy is to be as much real as possible with their fan and they are trying to do the same through social media channels.

Twitter is where Dortmund’s fan-feel is most obvious. With only 140 characters, being able to produce one-liners and jokes is crucial. Twitter is most important place where Dortmund tries to engage with fans the most and tries to utilize this platform to increase Fan Base globally.

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Facebook is the club’s platform with the largest audience, and therefore has been their main focus for the last four years. With the majority of their reach on the world’s biggest social media site, it’s become a more serious means of interaction for the club.


According to Georges and his team the content and posts in the social media is not for the club but for the fans and so the more engagement they can make with the fans the more they can increase their likes and followers of their pages.

For Match days the team has a special strategy. They begin their work right from the midnight of the start of the match day and they work till the final seconds. Their work starts from the midnight of the match day and ends till the final seconds of the match. They start posting about match updates two hours before the start of the match and continues till the match ends. They also follow the reaction of the fans n the tweets and also creates hash tags for different match situations. They also post pictures of their practice sessions  in their Facebook pages and gives live updates.

They are now mostly focus on using English as the main language of communication in their social media platform and other local languages in their website like Spanish, Japanese to reach out to more number of people globally. They are also planning to launch a mobile app for German fans to give them real time updates related to match day high lights and match update.


Teams, athletes and other people who use social media must be careful while posting any content. Don not post any such content that may be annoying, cheap, insulting  or embarrassing for yourself in future. This can harm your brand image. There are lot of people in social media who can see what stuff you are posting and a single blunder can cost you badly and create a backlash in social media itself which have a negative impact on brand image and might annoy your fans and followers.



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